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The Ekam Yoga Academy is an online community, offering healing processes to people suffering from basic to severe diseases. Our goal is to work towards the betterment of people. Enhance the well-being of a person’s lifestyle by making yoga a part of their daily routine. We are a global leader in yoga education, delivering the highest quality Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Retreats, and Workshops for both beginners and seasoned practitioners.

Our life-changing online live courses have transformed millions of lives and created more than 1000+ yoga teachers in India. We provide modern-day solutions to all life situations and physical & mental ailments at home. We have won the prestigious prime minister's Award for outstanding service to the science of yoga.

We accept that integrating yoga into your everyday schedule can bring various physical and mental advantages, including decreased pressure and further developed adaptability. Go along with us today and experience the extraordinary force of yoga in your day-to-day existence!

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Become a Certified Yoga Teacher at home with our Yoga Alliance-accredited online YTTC at our yoga online center.


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Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is a practice that recharges the body with cosmic energy and brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind.

Strong Body Life

Try Ashtanga and Hatha with us or maybe a super simple warrior pose ,it will strengthen you from hamstrings to calves , puts you on your own side, and makes you your own strength.

Increased Flexibility

You just be willing to show up daily ,each minute spent in yoga will make you flexible both physically and mentally. So join us to mirror back each other’s inner light!

healthy lifestyle

The chakras are very smart, like the software of whole body. Align them with us and experience spiritual delight!.come as you are.

Increases blood flow

A lot of spinal movement in yoga with proper breathing patterns , removes blockages , enhance blood flow, life flows thus your energy is freed.

Drops blood pressure

High BP? A child’s pose and savasna to your rescue .While yoga drops your blood pressure , it soars your serotonin !

Regulates adrenal gland

Welcome daily 5 minutes of yoga time in your life and experience more centeredness and less distress .Your adrenaline will thank you.


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Why Choose Ekam Yoga Academy


In our online yoga sessions, we focus on the schedules and their follow-ups. Individual attention is given properly regarding the student’s needs and sharpening of their yogic skills. Our experienced instructors provide personalized guidance based on specific ailments and fitness objectives, ensuring each practice is safe, effective, and enjoyable.

  • YCB Expert Teachers
  • Flexible Learning
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Community Support
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